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Conor Mulcahy
Having an issue with google maps not launching the street view with https inspection set to inspect. Was wondering has anyone out there got the URLs so i can setup a Custom/Site to bypass https inspection.   Or if there is any other/better way to get this working.
in Threat Prevention
Robert Mueller
Hi, Both of the TE-1000X Applainces are connected to the internet - but they don't update the TE Enigne..   The "tecli a e v" command show the 56.990002329 and when I try to initialize a manual update with the tecli command nothing happens.. is there an other command to Update the TE Enigne?   Br
in Threat Prevention
Richard Jackson
We are seeing multiple   'teCleanupOldFil'    processes in top on Standby member of ClusterXL pair. Active member not seeing this.   Any idea of the cause?     [Expert@DF-FW-11:0]# top top - 18:34:55 up  2:23,  1 user,  load average: 11.79, 11.52, 10.73 Tasks: 280 total,  14 running, 265 sleeping,   0 stopped,   1 zombie Cpu(s): 25.4%us,… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
Tomer Sole
The IPS Analyzer Tool runs on your gateway for a short amount of time, and issues an HTML report of which individual IPS protections took the most CPU and RAM on the gateway during the runtime of the tool.   Supported Gateways are R77 and above.   For more information go to IPS Analyzer Tool - How to analyze IPS performance efficiently    I… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
Tal Eisner
                Forrester Research, Inc. conducted an extensive in-depth analysis of endpoint security features amongst 15 different vendors, scoring on 21 criteria, including malware prevention, data security, product support, and more.    In the 2018 Forrester Report, Check Point earned the highest possible scores in the Malware Prevention,… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
In R77.30 and earlier IPS packet capture was stored on the gateways as .pcap files and we could retrieve them using "fwm getpcap" over SSH. In R80+, IPS has been moved to Threat Prevention and it seems that packet capture is now being stored as .EML files. Looking at the logs from "fw log", the "packet_capture_unique_id" is now a name, where on… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
Vinicius Oliveira
Hi guys,   in R77.30 we had the option to configure the maximum file size to be scanned and what action to be taken if file size exceeded by Threat Prevention Blade. Now in R80.10 I know we can still set the file size using DBEdit (sk93616). But what about the action to be taken if the file size exceeds? Is it still possible to set in R80.10?… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
SDE License Account
Hi every one. I am putting together some documentation to train the new starters on checkpoint IPS just an over view and some tasty in depth details sort of thing. I have a couple of questions that I am trying to find answers to.   The first one is a generic question over load on the firewall. Obviously switching on IPS will increase load on the… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
tom barat
Hi, It is my first time configuring checkpoint products and i am still having some issues with the IPS.   I have a R80.10 firewall module with IPS enabled ( and configured in a rather strict profile) and a vulnerable web server behind it. When I attack the web server, the IPS properly detects URL-based attack ( for instance a SQLi where the… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
andrea clerici
our antivirus threat prevention policy drop exe files. we need to create an exception in order to let our microsoft system to download windows update files. we configured a threat prevention exception rule with destination a domain object but the updates are still blocked (see attached screenshot log). any idea how to avoid… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
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