Valeri Loukine

Introduction to SecureKnowledge Weekly

Blog Post created by Valeri Loukine Moderator on Jul 15, 2018

Hello CheckMaters,

We are starting a set of weekly post about SecureKnowledge.

Our goal is to help you in understanding the knowledge base and logic behind it. We want to show you tips and tricks, explain how to find your answers in a more efficient manner. We will explain the different access levels you might have with Secure Knowledge and show you the way of gaining the most from that tool.

So, let's start with the basics.


What is SecureKnowledge?

Check Point’s SecureKnowledge™ (Knowledge Base) is a repository of knowledge articles including solutions and answers to technical issues and questions related to Check Point products.

It allows Check Point to share lessons learned and to help Check Point customers, partners and technology professionals to learn, understand and effectively deal with our products and solutions.

Check Point’s SecureKnowledge is maintained by our Technical Services organization, and, as part of the materials, contains answers to many of the common problems and questions submitted to Check Point TAC.

Secure Knowledge includes:

  • Search Engine interface
  • Release Kit articles
  • “How To” articles
  • “ATRG” Articles


Search Engine

Search Engine the the main interface of SecureKnowledge. It is used to look up a specific issue with error messages and key words. We encourage you to always start with Find prompt when you work with Secure Knowledge.

Release Kit SKs

These SK articles contain everything you need to know about a specific Check Point release: links to documentation packages and release notes,references to the binaries and installation files, including platform specific packages.

How To

It is a sub-set of SK articles with common practices addressing advanced configurations scenarios. It is extremely easy to find How To article of your choosing. Just go to the How To Aggregation SK and drill down from there. All How To cases are classified by product and platform.

In our weekly posts we will be presenting you with more details about specific How To SKs to help you in your daily work.


ATRG - Advanced Technical Reference Guides are my personal favorite subset of SecureKnowledge. In upcoming posts I will introduce to my personal collection of selected technical guides that helps me to deal with complex tasks over the years.


Fell free to ask questions and suggest specific things that you would like to learn about SecureKnowledge. Stay tuned.