SandBlast Mobile 3.0 On-device Network Protection Video: Anti-Phishing

Video created by Pamela S. Lee Employee on Sep 26, 2018

    In this video we will be describing the Anti-Phishing capabilities of SandBlast Mobile 3.0, including an overview of the On-device Network Protection technology, SandBlast Mobile Dashboard configuration, and a demo of the Anti-Phishing protection in action on Android and iOS devices.

    ONP enhances SandBlast Mobile's advanced mobile threat protection and establishes a new mobile security paradigm to prevent emerging Gen V network attacks.

    SandBlast Mobile’s On-device Network Protection prevents phishing attacks on any email or messaging app by instantly detecting and blocking malicious URLs on-click no matter how the URL was delivered.

    The Anti-Phishing capability is powered by ThreatCloud, the industry’s largest collaborative network and knowledge base that delivers real-time, dynamic security intelligence.