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Azure scale set gateway settings

Question asked by Carsten Pfitzer on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Javier Hijas

Hello CheckMates,


I recently deployed a R80.10 Scale Set in Azure, there were and still are some hiccups, but in general it works.


But now I face the problem, that I have to change settings of the gateways. While this is no problem for the "always there" gateways, it is a problem for those which get created and deleted automatically due to load.

For instance, I would like to adapt identity awareness settings, such as identity sharing with other gateways (getting and sending) or settings for the captive portal (text, company logo etc.)

I see only two ways here: Adapting the template itself, so that all gateways are automatically created to my liking, or changing the template in a way, that after creation the settings get changes via the RESTful API.


Which would be the preferable way and is there a guide for adapting the template? Unfortunately I do not know where to start.


Thanks and have a great weekend,