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How to add Interoperative Device via API

Question asked by Kim Moberg on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by VENKAT S P

This is quite cool.

I am in first place trying to create a script using the SmartConsole CLI to setup lan2lan with an interoperative device. 

How do I create a interoperative device, so that I can add my encryption domain to it?


my steps are:


Create a Network 

Create a Interoperative Device

Add Network to topology for Interoperative Device

Create VPN community star with Center Gateways and Satellite Gateways

Set encryption phase 1 and phase 2

Exclude services - IKE_NAT_Travasal and IPSEC (group)

Set preshared secret

Set rekey for IKE and IPSEC under advanced

Set Disable NAT indside VPN community

Add firewall rule name, source and destination and set VPN community, set services & application and action = accept, + log and set install on cluster gateway.


Right now I am working on "Create an interoperative device" but I do not know which kind of object I need to select in the API?



Can you help?