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URL filtering without HTTPs inspection

Question asked by 382ebafb-1684-4a9a-a883-d718abdbc04c on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Gaurav Pandya

Hi - I recently added URL Filtering and App control to a new cluster for guest traffic.  I found that access to is allowed even though the site is categorized as illegal/questionable (which I have set to block).  According to curl this seems due to the fact that the http request ultimately redirects to the https  site and the CN being used is for, which is categorized as internet/computers.  Therefore the traffic makes it through and the page loads.  Outside of enabling HTTPs inspection or creating a specific block rule to that IP address, can others offer ideas on how I may be able to block this access? I am looking for something broad as I am sure other sites I've not run across do the same redirect.  Also I am relatively new to this work so forgive me if this was answered elsewhere or is common knowledge.  Thank you.