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TechTalk: R80.20 Demo

In this session, Tomer Sole‌ will discuss the newly announced R80.20.M1 – Management Feature Release, its top new features and the reasons behind this new release strategy. Check Point’s R80.20.M1 contains various user experience improvements and automation enablers. Then, we will check out R80.20 (Management and Gateway), which are still in Early Availability, and its additional features.

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Hi Václav, the webinar is only schedule for the 18th of July 2018.

When will the zoom info be posted for this event?


The event was updated with the Zoom link above.

It's listed as a 15 hour long event!  When is it actually suppose to finish?


It's actually a multi-day event Smiley Happy

Seriously, we try to keep our TechTalks to no more than an hour.

It looks like we adjusted the schedule for this one and didn't properly update the event here.

Specifically it should be 18 July @ 8am Pacific / 5pm CEST.

Is the webinar on July 11th canceled?


We are doing a different topic on the 11th now: 

We moved the discussion of R80.20 to the following week.

Thank you guys for participating! Attendance was HUGE! Video should be up here soon.

Some links:

What's New In SmartConsole  - a timeline view of the top features in each version of SmartConsole including tutorial and discussion links about each feature

R80.20 Management Feature Release - SecureKnowledge article with download links, differences between Management Feature Releases and other releases and other FAQ

What's new with R80.20M1 Management API 

Best Logs Thread Ever  Log Exporter guide  - download it, import it, and in the next available Security Management Release it's going to be out of the box.

Let's keep the discussions alive throughout CheckMates


Further discussion about this event should occur here: