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I am Dorit Dor, VP of Products for Check Point, Ask Me Anything!

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CheckMates members can WATCH A VIDEO of the event with special commentary here: Ask Me Anything with Dr. Dorit Dor and Team 

I am Dr. Dorit Dor, Vice President of Products at Check Point. I lead the company’s product management, business development, research and development (R&D) and quality assurance (QA). Together with the amazing product team at Check Point, we lead the initiatives from concept to delivery and oversee the roadmap.


Leading the Check Point R&D since 1995, I saw the industry evolution from static networks into modern IT, leveraging mobility and cloud alongside threats evolution with modern attack methods. While all of us are worried about the next attack, more than 93% of organizations have not put in place the fundamental cyber security technologies to prevent modern attacks. Attacks that can be avoided. My fear is that the world is adopting mobility, cloud, and IoTs without taking measures to secure them.


Our mission is to deliver protections against these modern threats in a way that is easy enough to consume, and for that we need your feedback. We are committed to being open, share our knowledge and expertise, and we hope this will lead to continued dialog and collaboration.


My team and I are delighted to invite you to Ask Us Anything!

How to Participate

  • Event is over, no further questions can be asked.
  • Questions asked during the event are posted with responses as comments below.
  • CheckMates members can also view an exclusive video of some of the questions and answers with special commentary here: Ask Me Anything with Dr. Dorit Dor and Team

With Me In This Session Are:

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