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WhatsApp Web

After updating a member of the cluster from R80.30 to R80.40 take 156, ~the~WhatsApp Web access using browsers stopped working. It doesn't load the QRCode.

I added the regex \.whatsapp\.com and \.whatsapp\.net in the appControl, and the QRCode loaded, but reading this code with WhatsApp on smartphone, the browser informs that the computer is disconnected.

The same regex added in HTTPS Inspection, enabling bypass, solves the issue.

Is this a known problem in the R80.40 version? Does anybody else have this problem? Is there any solution to this problem, except bypass and regex (high CPU consumption)?

Thank you.

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If it's reproducible please raise it with TAC for investigation so they can compare the behavior & perform the necessary analysis.

Note similar has been discussed here previously but not in the context of an upgrade, please refer: 

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Hi Chris, how are you?

I'm suspecting a malfunction of https inspection. As has always been a delicate feature of Check Point, I'm reviewing the rules, looking for a possible resolution.
I thought it was something at the general level of the R80.40 version.
If I manage to solve it, I'll write it here for everyone.

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Hello Alan,


I'm a bit confused, trying to understand your problem :).

So in 80.30 with HTTPS Inspection enabled, and no bypass for the WhatsApp , all was good.

Now in 80.40 you get the data/webpage on the client, but the QR is invalid.

If you skip/bypass the WhatApp in the HTTPS Inspection (R80.40) all works fine.

- did you tried to compare -the QR picture- between those 2, I doubt it that they will differ based on your HTTPS inspection as the picture is already generated, but you never know.


PS: in some documents, checkpoint recommends not to use regexp due to CPU intensive processes, maybe you can better use SNI matching to categories - see TIP 17 from <>  

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