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‌‌Web Zero-Phishing looking for Alpha customers!

🔥🔥🔥 Web Zero-Phishing looking for Alpha customers!


What is Zero-Phishing?

  •         Zero-Phishing is powered by ML algorithms and patented technology to prevent zero-day phishing attacks on websites in real-time.
  •         Protection is performed on the network gateway.
  •         The protection is browser and platform agnostic and not dependent on an email security solution.
  •         Included in NGTX license without any additional cost.


What is in it for me?

  •         You will be able to influence the new feature development and will get dedicated R&D attention.
  •         Alpha customers will test and  experience the new Web Zero-Phishing protection and become the first Zero-Phishing protection expert.


Zero-Phishing Alpha program requirements:

  •          GW should be running the R81 version
  •          GW should have access to the internet
  •          GW should have HTTPS Inspection enabled and properly configured (certificate configuration, including UserCheck one)
  •          Alpha will start in March 2021.

Register for Alpha here!


Looking forward to work with you on our new unique technology!
Einat Ferber | RnD Group Manager
Threat Prevention Engines |

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