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Threat Profiles creating with check on clone

I have a question regarding creating TP profiles.

I want to create a fresh "optimized" Profile for later modifications.

What is the difference, when I check the clone or not?

Is it only cloning the Blades (IPS, Antibot ...) or are there some connections to the "father" optimized?

Thank you for clarification.



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Cloning creates a complete and identical copy of the original Profile.

From that point on, any modifications to the new (clone) profile are independent from the original profile.

There are 2 options to clone a profile:

1) Direct Clone of the Profile and then editing to modify settings

2) Since all 3 system defined profiles - Basic, Optimized and Strict - are actually Read Only, you can "edit" them directly. When applying OK you will get the following message:

The Optimized profile cannot be changed
Click OK to save as a new profile
OK Cancel

Then you can save it with a new name and the new settings.