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Threat Prevention - decoding QR Codes

Hi all,

So i was reading the below article and made me wonder 

The Evolution of QR Code Phishing: ASCII-Based QR Codes  (


i have a Sandblast appliance working as MTA and I was wondering if it is able to decode QR codes and protect me and if so which blade is responsible for it? 

I would expect Threat emulation maybe?


The above article suggests:

  • implement security that automatically decodes QR codes embedded in emails and analyzed the URLs for malicious content 
  • Utilize security that rewrites the embedded QR code in the email body and replaces it with a safe, re-written link 
  • Implement security that utilizes advanced AI to look at multiple indicators of phishing


What CP products will cover me for the above?


Thanks in advance


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Harmony Email & Collaboration - Check Point's solution for Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace email and collaboration applications security - does. 

You can feel free to start a trial here

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So my current solution - sandblast MTA -  is not reading/recoding the QR codes and as i understand the Email and Collaboration is only for cloud mail provider. Not for on premise .


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Correct, HEC does not support on-premise mail servers.
Threat Emulation does not currently emulate image files, which I assume would be necessary to scan/analyze QR Codes.

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