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Tailored Safe IPS use of Google properties

  The Tailored Safe IPS Extension announcement states that the tool uses Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.  A similar statement in the Change Report Extension announcement generated a discussion (see the replies after the announcement) that resulted in the removal of said Google tracking from that tool.

  Does the Tailored Safe extension still use Google Tag Manager and Analytics?  If so, can the Google tracking be removed?

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@Oren_Koren can you answer please?

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hey Dale, Google Analytics was for the testing at the start of the development and deployment.

There is no usage for analytics from R&D side + we do not give you a 'checkbox' to "share data" because we just....don't taking any data to google analytics.

i will verify with R&D that if we have any reference to google analytics in the extension, we remove it.



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