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Protecting against Terrorism Websites using the UK Home Office CTIRU list

Could you please advise if Checkpoint is using the Counter Terrorism Referral Unit block list in their web filtering solutions? 

The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) in the Metropolitan Police hold a ‘filter list’ that contains URL links to terrorist content, which can be provided to organisations, usually through a filtering provider, to enable them to block access to terrorist content on the ‘filter list’.   

This police assessed list of unlawful terrorist content online represents content which has been assessed by specialist police caseworkers as breaching UK terrorism legislation.  These URLs are referred to the hosting sites to request  removal and remain on the CTIRU filter list until such time as they are no longer hosting terrorist content.

If the list is available, could you please also advise if the list is active under an exisiting web filtering category (such as Hate/Speech, Terrorism etc), or if we need to activate CTIRU seperately in our solution to ensure our internet users are protected against this material.

Thank You.

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Hi Mike,

The violence category in URL filtering DB should cover most, but probably not 100% of CTIRU. If you are interested in absolutely guaranteed 100% coverage of the list, there are two options available for you:

  1. Configure a custom block list with an intelligence feed, see sk132193 for more details.
  2. Open an RFE with your local Check Point representative, asking to cover the list. As we have seen quite similar requests from other customers recently, this would probably be the easiest way to go.

Hi Val, thank you for your prompt response. If Checkpoint already have use of the CTIRU list at their disposal, I agree that option 2 is the best. I would assume that the Check Point representative will have suitbale knowledge of the list and be in a position to active the full list for my web filtering solution? Do you think it would simply be included under an existing categorization such as Hate / Racism etc, or would it simply be activated in the background, therefore one would assume that we (the customer) would not have the ability to toggle CTIRU on or off?

Any additonal information will be much appreciated as we are keen to active CTIRU without delay.

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As said, please reach out to your local CP office to work on RFE

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Employee Employee

Some relevant categories might be:

  • Illegal / Questionable
  • Hate / Racism
  • Weapons
  • Violence

You can also check some test URLs for their categorization here: 



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