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MTA on alias interface

Hello checkmates,

has anyone an idea how we get MTA listen on an alias interface in a ClusterXL environment ?

How to configure MTA to listen to an Alias Interface  shows perfect how to do it. But I need this for a cluster environment. We want to listen the MTA on another IP-address then one configured in the topology.

Because alias interfaces are not supported in ClusterXL any other ideas are welcome.



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According to CP there is no way to achieve that, as we rad in

sk89980: Support for Sub-interfaces / Alias IP address / Secondary IP address in Check Point product...

Official statement:

  • Gaia OS supports the configuration of Secondary IP addresses only on single Security Gateways.
  • The use of Secondary IP addresses is not supported - neither in ClusterXL, nor in VRRP.

In all other releases/configurations (e.g., ClusterXL, Dynamic Routing), the use of Secondary IP addresses is not officially supported.

If the physical machine does not have enough physical interfaces, then VLAN interfaces should be configured.

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