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IPS change management - Help needed

Hi all,

we've recently upgraded out managment and logging servers from R77.30 to R80.20 (gateways are still on R77.30). With R77.30 we've used a simple MS Excel based change management tool to document all of our changes and exceptions in the IPS System.

We've simply marked and copied the changed protections from the R77.30 dashboard to a text file and used a script to import to excel. This was an easy way to keep a time track to our changes.



Since I can't copy any content from the R80.20 SmartConsole this solution isn't working any more and I try to figure out a simple way how to keep a time track of our IPS changes and get the data into our Excel chart again.

I've learned the R80.20 has new automation APIs but to be honest - I'm a noob on that.

Any ideas?

Many thx

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A starting point for your question is here:
Pretty sure you can get the desired fields outputted directly to a CSV file piping output to jq.
See also:
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