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IPS Tuning needs Tuning

I exported the full IPS protection in .csv and effectively removed all the rules that do not apply and focused on about 500 of them that can provide protections. I do not see a place where I can do an import into a new IPS policy or replace.  It looks like I have to visit all the rules from the GUI and perform a bunch of clicks. This does not seem like it is an efficient way of doing things so does anyone know in r80.40 where I can do what I am trying to do. I have read in R70 there was an option to do this, is there some secret SCP/SSH way of doing a mass edit,import via CLI that may have been depreciated in the front end GUI? Plz Help, I am just trying to utilize these resources before chasing down a SE. Thanks!

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You should be able to modify the protections programmatically via the API.
I haven't checked what format the CSV file is you get from SmartConsole, but it seems feasible (on the surface) this may be possible.
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