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Deleting rules from global exception crashes smartcenter


On R80.40 JHF Take 83.

I have imported some threat prevention rules, about 200 global exceptions, and want to clean up. If I delete more than 10 at a time the SmartConsole disconnects and SmartCenter remains unresponsive to future logins. 

When I delete 10 and 10, I'll have to wait 1-2-3 minutes between each time I delete, the publish operation after about 50 changes is also about 10 minutes.

I have optimized the VM, we have a lot of headroom on storage (SSD/NVME) and twice as much CPU capacity as the max load monitored.

Anyone experience something close to this?

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Hi Harald

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I managed to reproduce this in my lab. I will alert R&D so that it can be addressed as soon as possible.

Best wishes


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Great, thanks. 

I found another smaller issue in SmartConsole as well. 

Try to create two services with port ranges, put them in a rule and hover over the objects one, after the other. The data inside the information popup is not replaced correctly.

I have replicated this behaviour after SmartCenter reboot and also tried restarting the SmartConsole.

As above, this is a clean install, with API imported rules and objects. No strange pre-R80.x stuff from past migrations.

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