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Configuring Private Threat Cloud


I have installed a R80.20 Private Threat Cloud appliance and followed sk149692 to install the Private Threat Cloud on this appliance and configured Private Threat Cloud in a distributed environment. The Download Agent is installed on a different machine.

I also installed the add-on on the customers Multi Domain Server and created a configuration so the gateways use the Private Threat Cloud for updates. I used 'ptc_cli mgmt' in the Domain Server environment, trust the certificate and entered the relevant gateway IP's. Got the message all gateways where updates successfully.

When I look at the hosts file of the relevant gateways, I can see the files has been changed and the Check Point update sites now resolve to the PTC IP-address. So all seems to be OK.

HTTP and HTTPS is allowed between the gateway and PTC appliance and when I perform a tcpdump on the PTC appliance, I can see HTTPS traffic from the gateways.

But the PTC reports no gateways are connected. I checked the procedure several times and as far as I can see, I made the correct configuration.

Documentation of the Private Threat Cloud is very limited and it seems I am stuck. The documentation does not tell which log files to check or what to troubleshoot.

Has anyone configured a R80.20 Private Threat Cloud appliance and got it working following sk149692? Does anyone know which log file to check?

Your help is very welcome.



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on GW and look into ted.elg

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