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Command IPS for showing profile used

Good morning,

There Is a command on a gateway to show what threat prevention profile used?


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The command is ips stat, however keep in mind that in R77.30 and earlier only one profile could be assigned to the IPS blade so this command would show that one profile.  However starting in R80.10 more than one profile can be assigned to the IPS blade via the main TP policy so in that case there isn't just a single profile to display. 

The exception here would be when the gateway is located in the legacy TP "IPS" layer which is present upon upgrade from R77.30 to R80+ reflecting the old single profile limitation of R77.30 and earlier.

So if your gateway is located in the main R80+ TP layer and you still want the IPS profiles, see here: sk123053: In R80.x Gateway, the active IPS profile name is not included in the output of the 'ips st...

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