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Your Check Point Weekly Updates & Threat Intelligence -- 04/30/2021

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  • Webinar: “Tips and Tricks 2021 #8 - New Innovative MITRE ATT&CK Dashboard Extension”
    Join us on May 6, 2021 when our product manager Oren Koren will give you Tips and Tricks on the new MITRE ATT&CK Dashboard Extension. We will cover items like:
    • Extensions
    • MITRE ATT&CK Framework
    • Mitigation Steps

When: Thursday, May 6th @ 9am EST
Register Here

  • Webinar: “CheckMates Live! Identity Awareness Best Practices”
    Join us for a virtual cyber security event with your fellow Mid-Atlantic and Federal Check Point customers on 6 May @ 3pm Eastern Time! At this CheckMates Live Virtual Edition event, we will discuss how to provide application and access control through the creation of accurate, identity-based policies using Identity Awareness!
    Topics Include:
    • Benefits for identity-based security
    • Design Principals
    • Identity Sources
    • Q&A

Register Here

  • Podcast: “CISO Secrets”

“CISO's Secrets” promises clear talk on cybersecurity’s burning topics, but not only; A series of 40 minutes weekly podcast hosting Telco industry CIOs and CISO’s, from global and leading companies. Podcast will share true stories, reveal real-life scenarios, and more. The host will lead discussions about Security trends, best practices, cloud, networks, data, employees, habits, and secrets while drifting between personal and professional life.

Listen Here


  • Security vendor SonicWall has addressed three zero-day vulnerabilities already exploited in the wild, affecting both its on-premises and hosted email security products (CVE-2021-20021, CVE-2021-20022, CVE-2021-20023).
  • A critical security vulnerability has been found in the Homebrew Cask package manager for MacOS and Linux that could exploited to perform remote code executing (RCE) on user machines.
  • Google has released Chrome 90 for Windows, Mac, and Linux containing 7 security fixes.
  • Drupal has released a security update to address a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability.



  • The notorious ransomware gang REvil is claiming to have stolen data and schematics from Apple supplier Quanta Computer, and are demanding $50 million to not release the data online. As proof, the hackers have already released data about unreleased MacBook Pros and iMac.  Check Point Harmony Endpoint provides protection against this threat
  • Click Studio, Australian software company developing the Passwordstate password manager, has suffered a data breach potentially exposing their 29,000 enterprise customers. Any customer who did In-Place Upgrades within the 26-hour attack timeframe would have had their credentials compromised and needs to replace them.
  • Radixx, a subsidiary of Sabre Corporation that serves the low-cost airline carrier segment, has suffered from an outage impacting its reservation system, affecting customers of approximately 20 airlines. According to the company, the outage was cause by a malware infection in their systems.
  • The 93rd Academy Awards were being abused by threat actors in a phishing campaign luring people into giving up credentials to stream the Oscar-nominated films.
  • Threat actors are actively using a fake Microsoft DirectX 12 download site with to distribute malware that steals cryptocurrency files, passwords, and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • QNAP NAS storage devices are being hit by a new strain of ransomware named “Qlocker”. The malware moves all files stored on the device to password-protected 7zip archives and demands a $550 ransom.
  • HashiCorp, open-source software tools and Vault maker, has disclosed a security incident that occurred due to the recent Codecov supply chain attack. HashiCorp’s private key used for signing software releases was exposed, which might have led to malicious software versions allegedly signed by the vendor.


  • Check Point Research have demonstrated how the ToxicEye Remote access Trojan exploits Telegram to steal data from victims, using it for command and control.
    Check Point SandBlast and Anti-Bot provide protection against this threat (RAT.Win.TelegramRat; RAT.Win.ToxicEye)
  • New cryptomining botnet is actively scanning for vulnerable Windows and Linux enterprise servers to infect them with the XMRig Monero miner and self-spreader malware payloads.
  • The Mount Locker ransomware, rebranded “Astrolocker”, has added new features in its recent campaign.  Check Point Harmony Endpoint provides protection against this threat
  • CISA, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, has reported finding the SUPERNOVA web shell collecting credentials on a SolarWinds Orion server, as an unrelated part of the SolarWinds supply chain attack, probably conducted by different threat actors.
  • Researchers have identified additional technical data about the SolarWinds supply chain attack, especially around the attackers’ infrastructure and patterns used by the threat actors.
  • Apple’s AirDrop, a feature that allows Mac and iPhone users to wirelessly transfer files between devices, has been leaking users’ hashed emails and phone numbers. The flaw is known since 2019 and Apple has yet to find a fix.
  • Researchers have found a new Linux Botnet abusing infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools, using a network of proxies to get to the TOR network. The malware is currently running the Monero cryptominer – XMRig.



  • CheckMates Video Series: Check Point for Beginners
    If you’re new to Check Point, or would like to brush up on your CP skillset, this is an excellent video series to get you started!  
  • CheckMates “TechTalk” Webinar Recordings
    In case you missed our previous TechTalks, checkout this page for a list of recordings of all the TechTalk webinar series.  Including Management API Best Practices, Migrate to R8x.xx, IPS Ease of Use in R81, & more.