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Dear PhoneBoy (yes you! Dameon Welch Abernathy

is dead or alive? are you keeping up with both "spaces" at the same time?

don't you think just for a minute that "merging" those two communities ( and CheckMates) would be a wonderful idea going forward? Smiley Happy Unless I'm late with this question ... and you've already heard that question ...

b e s t



Well CPUG seems to be run by an outside organization so I doubt that would happen. I for one only used it because the old CP forum had no search functionality or indexing via google.

I think now that Checkmates is here CPUG will become kind of irrelevant in it's current capacity. Although I do find Checkmates is a bit more skewed towards specific topics (ie. Cloud, Threat Prevention, Sandblast, etc.) that CheckPoint is trying to move more towards. 


CPUG has always been independent of Check Point.

CPUG was originally created by Barry Stiefel in 2005, who passed away last year: In Memoriam: Barry Stiefel

Since 2014, it has been operated by Netanium (now Atlantic Data Security), a Partner/ATC.

While I think it's safe to say we are putting the bulk of our energies into CheckMates, several Check Point folks (including myself) contribute to CPUG as appropriate.

And yes, to Aidan Luby‌'s point, we are intentional about promoting Check Point's newer technologies on CheckMates. 

I see Dameon has answered that already. From where I stand, CPUG's added value is that it is an independent tech forum, and I do not see any harm in having it around. More the merrier. 


Thanks chaps. Now it is all crystal clear. Many thanks to all of you for clarification. I feel sorry for the Barry and his family in such dificult time, and didn't know he passed away ... Smiley Sad I've been using CPUG since many years now but I found more interesting interactivity here rather than on CPUG where (except Phoneboy) getting some answers became more and more frustrating over the years ...

Again, much appreciate your answers and such detailed explanatory.


j e r r y


I didn't know the story of Barry ... now I do, including your posts on CPUG etc.

Quite a story huh? I have never met myself Barry nor yourself but I have been binded do CP products since version 4 ...

Got CPUG account since many years, used sporadically sometimes poke'ing Tim H. if stuck but ... I never have had any contact with the tale of CPUG establishment whatsoever. Now your post made me think ... deep and insight Dameon.

I got it now. Yes really I do.

thanks so much for your very insighful answer. It made me think and search all over the web what it was all about with the Communities you're actually one of a hell pilars of too! Smiley Happy 

again, I'm proud and happy to virtually know you since so many years and yourself as well as Barry and Tim + sometimes Valeri ... made my life with supporting my customers way way easier - so many time I can't even cite that  

Cheers to all of you and hope we will keep up great work in a future!



as a side note just found this post:

... (..) ...

what you think of that one? I think this is the main reason why I've made an original post yesterday when reading some posts from the net ...

That was a scary time there, yes. Barry took a job with PAN and had just shut down CPUG for some weeks. I was very happy that Netanium took over at some point. 

However, in 2014 the situation was quite different. Firstly, we did not have anything even close to CheckMates around. Also CPUG itself was in danger because after some flamed discussion about management styles there, part of community went out to found CPShared. 

Today CPUG does not run user groups in Europe and the traffic there is not that high as before. It's normal, this is a natural life cycle, and with CheckMates growing rapidly both in traffic and users, it is expected that at least part of the users using both forums would be more active here.

However, CPUG should stay alive. It is a fail-safe. Community needs transparent and honest discussions. If CheckMates makes a misstep (theoretically), CPUG is here to backup the community. And if we see anything like that, we will right the wrong and correct our mistakes. 

(That was an exercise in transparency and honesty, lol)


spot on buddy, well said ! kudos for all your contribution and devotion. I hope the CheckMates will last 4ever and sooner or later CPUG won't be necessary (as long as know-how is somehow naturally migrated lol) Smiley Happy 

I've been watching how CP community is growing over the years and I just say that when CheckMates blossomed in 2017 I was so eager to join taht I forgot completely about CPUG. Also many of my SMEs from CP itself has recommended to me that before I reach out with P-1 or escalate my SRs I should rather post something online so ppl around our community can learn/contribute etc. It was Daniel Lavi and Daniel Scarberous from CP PS who told me couple of times that no CCSE or CCMA is good enough if there is no element of "sharing knowledge" with the community. I took that for granted therefore my commitment to the CPUG/CheckMates I wanted to make more transparent and more visible also looking at this from my career/personal reasons.

I'm really glad you guys are out there as "together we thrive" (yes yes I know it is hsbc pr phrase!)  


I know that CP management has realized the great value of talking and listening to the community. It took some time to get to this point, but we are finally here. I believe we have now the right people in the right places and capacity to do a lot of good. 

That's why I am part of CheckMates team now. The job has only started, and we have great plans. Stay tuned


YOU BET ! Smiley Happy


Yeah, that was some dark times in the Check Point community, ones I hope we never repeat Smiley Happy


I recall that day vividly: tried to look something up on CPUG and it was gone. The feeling of rug being pulled from under you was quite unpleasant.

I liked CPUG for total lack of political correctness, which was needed at the time when CP was not as receptive to the voices of its users. It took an effort to try and trust the CheckMates and the presence of Dameon here was the decisive factor for me personally to get engaged with this community.

Very happy to see you back in here in the position of authority: I believe you have corrected my very first post regarding vMAC vs. MAC magic and were kind enough to provide a detailed explanation.

There is another forum I am involved in, ISC^2 CISSP and seeing how they struggle to get it up, running and popular with contributors makes me appreciate how far the CheckMates have progressed in its first year.


Having been involved with more than a few communities over the years (not all related to Check Point, even!), I can tell you that it takes significant sustained effort to get these off the ground.

It also takes continual effort to keep them going.

The older Check Point forums and Exchange Point did not enjoy the kind of sustained effort and resources CheckMates is getting.

We are here to help, sir, no problem