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Welcome to Check Point for Beginners!

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Understanding technology is a challenge. 


Complex concepts, rapid changes, new paradigms, overwhelming details, tools to master, time pressure - all those things might be tough to cope with.


As a member of CheckMates, you deserve the best. That's why we have created a new Space on CheckMates - Check Point for Beginners. It is members' exclusive space where we will be posting learning materials: videos, articles, lab manuals,  even history overviews - to help you out and to make understanding and mastering Check Point easier, less stressful and more productive. 


 Subscribe and learn at your pace. 


Our Publications


Check Point for Beginners (CP4B) Lecture Series

Part 1 - Architecture

Part 2 - Preparing the Lab         

Part 3 - Installing Security Management Server 

Part 4 - Installing Security Gateway

Part 5 - Gaia WebUI and CLI

Part 6 - Working with SmartConsole  

Part 7 - Managing Security Policies

Part 8 - Network Address Translation 

Part 9 - Application Control, URL Filtering and Content Awareness     

Part 10 - Identity Awareness

Part 11 - Threat Prevention                 <--- NEW LECTURE!!! 



Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 1 

Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 2 

Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 3 

Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 4 


Other Materials

Brief History of Check Point Firewalls 

Principles of Check Point Architecture    

Introduction to Management CLI and JQ .   <--- NEW

Note: You have to be a member of CheckMates to access the materials. Please register with your UserCenter account. Create one, if you do not have it yet.


Great Info Val! Here's a resource I like to send to new customers that helps navigate all the different resources we offer. 

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Wow, this is awesome!!!

Thanks so much for these, I really appreciate.. But I want to ask.. After going through all these, do you think I'm ready to attempt the admin exam? 

I am afraid not, @VICTOR_OGHIFOBI 
You will need to work through the admin manuals and to gather enough hands-on experience. We are not trying to replace the working education framework Check Point has already. We are helping newcomers to jump-start their careers even before they have enough time and resources to invest into the official certification path.