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This Week in CheckMates: Week of 10th July 2017

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This is the first of a regular series of posts highlighting activity in the CheckMates community during the past week.

I will also provide a tip that will help you make the best use of CheckMates!

Future posts (planned to be posted on Fridays) will be available here: 

Community Highlights

Here are some highlights from the week's activity on CheckMates:

NotPetya: Under the Microscope Presentation and Recording 

This week, we did our first in a series of "CheckMates Live" webcast. Shortly after the webcast, we made the recording and slides available. However, unlike most content on CheckMates, this content requires you to be signed in to view it.


This is a new poll I created to see what versions of Check Point Management people are using and why. Everyone has their reasons for upgrading (or not). Vote and contribute to the discussion!

CPLogToSyslog Utility Now GA 

This tool, which had been available privately for a number of months, was recently released publicly. There was a question about whether or not BSD logging format was supported. Not by CPLogToSyslog, but via a process described by the following SecureKnowledge article: How to Configure R77.30 Security Gateway on Gaia OS to send Firewall logs to an external Syslog serv...

Centrally Managed Remote Access VPN with Embedded Gaia

There is no specific documentation on this topic because Embedded Gaia platforms are no different than regular Security Gateways when it comes to setting up remote access VPN.

Multiple ISP Redundancy will it support in R80  

This was an older thread that was brought to the surface recently when a customer wondered how to use the ISP Redundancy feature with more than 2 ISPs. The answer in this particular case will likely involve dynamic routing.

Did You Know...

You can use the Jive Daily app to access CheckMates from your mobile device?

While the CheckMates Community site is fairly mobile-friendly, some prefer a native mobile app.

You can download the Jive Daily app for iOS or Android as follows:

When prompted, enter as the community and sign in with your User Center credentials.


You are of course welcome to respond to this post if you have questions! If you want to send something privately, you can send an email to and we'll respond promptly.

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