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This Week in CheckMates 8 April 2019

Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!
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CheckMates in Vienna and Salzburg

@Valeri_Loukine did events in Vienna and Salzburg. Only got one picture from both events:


Community Highlights

Here are the threads to watch from the last week:

CheckMates GO Episode 1: Threat Intelligence

We've launched our new podcast, CheckMates GO! Look for it in iTunes, Google Play, or wherever finer podcasts are procured!

Problem with adding threat indicator via Web Services API

Remember to always use the publish action when using the API.

How am I Seeing Application-Specific Logs Without HTTPS Inspection?

There are pros and cons to doing this without HTTPS Inspection. This will get easier in R80.30 with SNI support.

R80.20 Validation Error: IP Protocol value must be in the range 1-255

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Nice pic - funny thing that i sit as the first from the right side, see my colourfull cap 😉


Where is Reinhard?