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This Week in CheckMates 5 November 2018

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

Past and future posts will be available here: About CheckMates

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CheckMates in Your Language!

While most of the content on CheckMates is in English, we now have a few groups where both content and discussions are available in other languages! 

CheckMates in Denmark

Valeri Loukine‌ and I joined forces this week to do two events in Denmark: Hellerup (near Copenhagen) and Skanderborg!

(Oh yeah, and FlatMoti too!)

Thank you Inga Nielsen‌ and Niels Poulsen‌ for hosting us!

Community Highlights

Meanwhile, here are the conversations worth watching in the community:


Uses the API and JQ to process the output. A bit faster than just using the API to do it.

Upgrade from R77.30 to R80.10 via CPUSE 

I do this live all the time in User Group meetings, but it's nice to see a video of the process as well. 


Pretty sure I know what the community thinks about this

Firewall rule from remote users to site-to-site network 

Chaining VPNs together.

Gil Shwed & Zohar Alon (Dome9) Ask me Anything 

Hopefully we'll have a TechTalk on Dome9 very soon. Meanwhile, we have a short "ask me anything" video.

Another SmartConsole Usability Issue 

We want to hear all the feedback (good and bad) on CheckMates.

How to migrate Full HA Cluster(r77.30 to r80.10)? 

Assuming your hardware is strong enough to run R80.10 Gateway and Management, here's how.

Is there a way to share View created by one user with other users? 

News on this front.

How to migrate from standalone configuration (R80.10) to distributed? 

While we don't have "official" support for this currently, someone worked out how to make it work 

Some differences in how logs are correlated between the two versions.

Upcoming Events

Between Valeri Loukine and I, we'll be busy in the next several weeks!

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