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This Week in CheckMates 30 July 2018

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

Past and future posts will be available here: About CheckMates

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CheckMates in Vancouver and Jackson

Valeri Loukine‌ and I hit the road this week and did events in Vancouver, BC and Jackson, MS!

Community Highlights

Here's some threads to have a look at from the last week or so:

How-to Videos:

Last week, Yair Herling‌ created a video about the High Availability Architecture with R80.10. You asked for one with a focus on multi-domain, Yair delivers! R80.10 High Availability in Multi Domain Environments 

We also have videos on Combining AD identity with AWS tags in Check Point CloudGuard Policy  and Step by Step deployment of automated, multi hub Transit VPC from Jonathan Lebowitsch‌!

SandBlast Mobile 3.0

This past week, we released SandBlast Mobile 3.0, which adds quite a lot of new features and functionality. We've got descriptions of the functionality and how to enable it on CheckMates:

Want to join R80.20 EA activities? 

We are actively looking for customers to join the R80.20 Early Availability program, specifically the private EA. Check the details here! 

Yes, we offer free training on our emerging technologies!

OPSEC LEA pull from a SIEM on R80.10 Smart-1 Log Server 

If you have restricted access between the management and log server and want to pull logs from the log server using LEA, this thread might be helpful.

R80.10 IPS packet does it work? 

If you're curious...

Check Point Firewall Admin Tasks 

Did we miss any essential tasks here?

Will (Smart)Workflow come back? 

This topic keeps coming up, both  and offline. Here's the definitive thread.

R80.x Security Gateway Architecture (Logical Packet Flow) 

Another great community diagram from Heiko Ankenbrand‌!

Tools and referenced SKs for R77.30 appliance to VM migration

For backups, testing upgrades, or actually doing the upgrades...

Upcoming Events

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