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This Week in CheckMates 22 July 2019

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!
Past and future posts will be available here: The CheckMates Blog
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CheckMates Around The World

Been a while since I've shared photos of events, but it's been quite a busy last several weeks.

Earlier in July, I did our first events in the Caribbean! Had nice crowds in Trinidad and Barbados. 


Meanwhile, @Val_Loukine did our first event in Minsk this past week to an enthusiastic crowd!


Community Highlights

Here are the threads to watch from the last week:

Not Able to Find the Serial Number

While we've had the ability to query at the OS level for a serial number for a while now, this doesn't work on some older appliances.

GeoProtection Daily Update Issue From July 10th

This caused some customers issues. Here's the official story on what happened.

Is It Possible to Change an Interface MAC Address?

You can temporarily anyway.

Can I Replace Conventional Antivirus Kaspersky with Check Point Endpoint Suite

Why, yes you can.

Maestro TechTalk

Get the answers to your burning questions about Maestro.

Version R77.20.87 Build 990172938 Not Documented

Discussion around TCP SACK fixes for SMB appliances

My Top 3 Check Point CLI Commands

This 2 year old post by @Moti is by far our most popular post on CheckMates, and it's still getting replies!

When Will Check Point Support Load Sharing in R80.20 or R80.30?

It's coming soon for R80.30.

Upcoming Events

We are now maintaining our event calendar in Google Calendar.
You can browse our calendar of events here: CheckMates Calendar 
Here's where you can find @Valeri_Loukine and I over the next few weeks

If you would like a CheckMates Live event in your area, get in contact with us: