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This Week in CheckMates 14 January 2019

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

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CheckMates in Tel Aviv

Valeri Loukine‌ and I made our quarterly pilgrimage to Tel Aviv to plan for 2019 and get ready for the upcoming CPX conferences.

Val and I did a TechTalk silly hats Smiley Happy

Migrate to R80.20 TechTalk 

Community Highlights

Here are the conversations worth watching in the community:

Endpoint Management as a Service Overview (EA Release) 

It's fair to say we'll see more "Management as a Service" offerings in the near future. 

Postman Collections (links to all available) and the basics 

Postman's a useful tool if you're learning how to use APIs. We have collections for all versions of our Management API.

Cisco or Check Point 

Asking this question on Check Point's community is, predictably, going to get you pro-Check Point answers. Smiley Happy

How to create LegacyUserAtLocation object through the R80.x api? 

While these objects are legacy (and thus don't have a specific API to create them), you can use the "generic object" API to do it.

Can we install R80.10 on 4600 and 2200? 

If you have enough memory, yes you can.

R77.20.85 performance issue on centrally managed SMB 

Some conflicting reports on this. What's your experience?

R80.10: IPsec VPN - allow unencrypted pings between gateways 

While allowing encrypted pings with VPN clients. 

R80.20 Identity Tags and Updatable Objects  

You should be leveraging these in your Access Policies.

pfSense syslog parser 

Allows a Check Point log server to "parse" logs from pfSense. 

Now with VSX support (and some other nifty features).

Upcoming Events

In addition to updating the tentative TechTalk schedule for 2019:

And, of course, CPX 360 2019!

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