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This Week in CheckMates 1 July 2019

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Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!
Past and future posts will be available here: The CheckMates Blog
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Community Highlights

Here are the threads to watch from the last week:

New Releases

CPX 360 2020

We're getting a head start on our next big CPX 360 events!

RDP Nightmares

Our latest episode of the CheckMates GO podcast

"cpconfig" => "Administrator" does not show the options to list all admins

Admins have been configured in SmartConsole/Dashboard for a while now, cpconfig is a legacy option. Issue

The issue was the default API port was changed from 443. That means all your scripts and API calls must use the port you've configured.

Introduction to Identity-Based Access Control and Threat Prevention

Another good video from @Peter_Elmer

Rulebase Policy Export from Gateway

It's much easier to do this from the management if at all possible.

SIP NATing Fills up fwx_alloc Even When There's No NAT used for SIP

SIP Early NAT is at play here.

AD Query Server Connection

Make sure you've enabled connectivity between the gateway and the AD server.

VPN Usage Report

A few threads are highlighted in here.

Custom View Report for Application Usage Broken Out By Week Over Time

Requires some work in Excel in addition to the correct SmartEvent report.

Upcoming Events

We are now maintaining our event calendar in Google Calendar.
You can browse our calendar of events here: CheckMates Calendar 
Here's where you can find @Valeri_Loukine and I over the next few weeks

If you would like a CheckMates Live event in your area, get in contact with us: