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The New CheckMates is Almost Here!

We expect to launch our new CheckMates platform on the 12th of March 2019!

This requires us to set the existing community to READ ONLY so the content and users can be migrated to the new platform.

This is expected to happen no later than 01:00 CET on the 12th of March, or 5pm Pacific Daylight Time on the 11th.

The migration process is expected to take no more than 24 hours.

Assuming all goes well, you will see the new community live with the URL

When the new community launches, you will notice a few changes and see the following benefits:

  • Overhauled Site Design
    • The existing platform has a number of limitations that made it difficult to highlight or find the most relevant and recent content. Lithium is far more flexible in this regard, and you will see a new front page that should be significantly easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. 
  • Private messaging
    • In the current platform, in order to send a private message to someone (say, an employee), the
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Exciting stuff. Looking forward to it. Smiley Happy

We looking forward to it.