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Share your Check Point Memorabilia for a chance to have it autographed by Gil Shwed!

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Last week, I posted a picture of an old Check Point floppy disk to LinkedIn and twitter as a "Throwback Thursday" post.

The photo was courtesy of a long-time Check Point employee:


Check Point v1.05 Floppy


I wish I could say I owned this floppy, but it was a little before my time (2.1 was the first version I used).

A lot of people both publicly and privately responded with some of their Check Point memorabilia, i.e. anything that had the Check Point logo or branding on it!

Sadly, I do not have a ton of older Check Point memorabilia, but I do have a few things.

One of them I created, and I know a few of you have it.

I doubt you've seen this version, though:


Essential Check Point FireWall-1 Book Cover (Chinese Edition)


There's also the infamous "Power of Two" Hot Wheels car.

Thanks to, I have one still in it's packaging:




Finally, I have one piece of audio memorabilia attached to the post.

It was commissioned for Check Point's 10th anniversary back in 2003.


If you have any Check Point-branded memorabilia, snap a picture and post it in the comments below for a chance to have that memorabilia autographed by the Founder and CEO of Check Point, Gil Shwed!

This includes Check Point employees!


I'll share one...

Recently Check Point switched over to electronic copies of their official course material, and physical coursebooks are no longer available for classes run by ATCs.  The final coursebook hardcopy version released was CCSA R80 v2.  On a whim I pulled out my instructor hardcopies for all the course versions I'd taught and/or attended over the years and snapped a picture which is attached.  Judging by the amount of visible wear on each of the books, you can get a good idea of which course versions were the most popular and ran for the longest.

Glad you liked your Hot Wheels Check Point/Nokia Ferrari still in the box Dameon, pretty sure I still have a few more of those around somewhere...

Courseware Requiem

My book "Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization"
now available via



I was going to suggest you post a copy of old courseware, Tim.

The 2.0/3.0 stuff, which I used to teach, brought back some memories when I saw it in person!


How about a shrink-wrapped copy of the NG release, autographed and dated by Gil Shwed, from July 2001. He personally gave a copy to every employee to celebrate the release, at a party in the grounds of the recently built Sheraton City Tower in Ramat Gan (now called the Leonardo Tower, I think).  


That's awesome swag!

I have lots of them adjusting the height of my monitors. But the oldest I can go is R75.20.


Have acquired a few things over the years, but this is my favorite piece of Check Point memorabilia. 


Hehe , and even signed by the (in)famous Dameon Welch Abernathy 

I think I still have some print outs from the website from some dude that called himself phoneboy that we used to assist us when the product was still called FW-1 - and it was installed on Windows NT

But I found some original FW-1 3.0b and NGX FR1 boxes


Speaking of that old website, I remembered that it was featured in eWeek 16 years ago (almost to the day)!

At the Check Point vacation to Mexico in 2012, my team won 1st place in the competition to build a boat out of carton and float on it in and out of the ocean. We got a trophy which is still on my desk.

Mexico 2012 Trophy


I still have the towel they gave us as well as the hat Smiley Happy

What about the beach bag and the flip-flops that leave the Check Point logo on the sand?


Pic or it didn't happen;)


I still have the bag.

The flipflops died a horrible death, unfortunately, so I don't have them.

N.American relatives family photo Smiley Happy :

Nokia IPSO v3 boot floppy


I had the very hardware that bad boy went into: the Nokia IP440.

The first version of IPSO I supported was IPSO 3.1 (with FireWall-1 3.0b), codename Frigate.

If my memory serves, the codename for IPSO 3.2.1 was Gecko.

The first version I use is ipso 4.0 on ip260. Now I still use some ip1280 device with GaiA to test anything.