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Earn CPE Credits for participating in CheckMates Live events!

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New in 2020, you can now earn CPE credits for participating in CheckMates Live events!

CheckMates has a new partnership with the top five vendors of Cyber Security certification organizations. By attending a CheckMates Live event, you can earn a certain number of CPE credits and extend your certification validity.

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What is CheckMates Live?

  • A CheckMates Live event is a Local User Group seminar.
  • CheckMates invites community members, security engineers, administrators, architects and other customers’ and partners’ technical personnel to discuss various technical topics concerning Check Point Security Systems. We engage the participants in a transparent and direct discussion, helping them to master new products and feature. Challenges, dependencies, troubleshooting, and other engineering and architecture subjects are in the focus.
  • Check out our upcoming events here!

How many CPE credits will I earn?

  • The amount of CPE credits you can earn will differ for each of the CheckMates Live events and will be announced before each of the events.

Thanks. 👍


Awsome! I assume we have to provide respective membership ID# so it will be tracked? Or will some form of proof of attendance be provided so later on we can submit the CPE to the vendor portal?


Hi @Cyber_Serge not 100% sure how this will work just yet.
I presume when you register for an event, we will provide the relevant details.


Is there any more information on this?


I am registered to some events and I would like to know about this a bit more.


It seems like everyone knowns what CPE credits are and only i do not know anything about this. How can i profit from my CPE credits if i am unable even to see them anywhere ?


You can see your CPE credits attached to your Acclaim badge.

CPE means Continuing Professional Education. It's a way to show that you attended learning and developed your professional skills. Therefore CPE is also named CPD - Continuing Professional Development. Example: I'm ITIL certified and use my CPEs/CPDs (+ some money) each year to have my ITIL certification extended without doing the exam again.

If you are certified by a company that allows you to extend your certification with CPEs just refer to your badge URL to enter your CPE credits.