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CheckMates Migration to Lithium: What Won't Migrate and Next Steps

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This is one of a series of posts I've done about our upcoming migration of the CheckMates community site to Lithium (from Jive).

Past posts on the topic include:

Now that we've done a couple of dry runs of the migration, I feel pretty confidence the majority of the content will  migrate between the platforms successfully.

That said, there are going to be a handful of items and settings that will not.

This post will attempt to detail those items so you know what to expect.


Lithium does not have an "events" module/content type the way Jive does.

Going forward, we are posting our events on a public Google Calendar, which the site will display in the sidebar on the main page.

We will also have a blog for Upcoming Events that will contain the same information as well. 


Jive allowed users to create polls on numerous topics.

Lithium does not allow this and such posts will either not be migrated or will be migrated with the actual poll removed.

User Bookmarks and Follows

In Jive, you can bookmark and follow users or spaces.

While you can do similar things in Lithium, this information will not be migrated across.

That said, if you bookmarked pages using the native bookmarking feature in your browser, old URLs should still continue to work (but will be redirected to their Lithium equivalents).


While videos that are hosted externally will be migrated with the rest of the content, videos hosted on CheckMates will initially NOT be migrated.

These videos will be migrated in the coming days/weeks after the launch of the new community site.

Specifically, videos impacted by this include:

  • The R80.x Training Videos
  • TechTalks
  • Some of the How-To Videos

Videos that are hosted externally (e.g. on YouTube) will be available Day 1.

Contents May Shift During Flight

We took this opportunity to restructure the community somewhat.

While the majority of boards will remain unchanged, there is a different structure in place.

We've also added a couple new ones and merged a couple others.

The search function will help you find what you're looking for.

If You Can't Find Something After We Migrate...

There will be a couple options to find it:

  • Archive: Some content, as part of the migration, will be moved to a private archive space. Post-migration, we will review the content and either move it to the correct space or delete it as appropriate.
  • Jive Community in Read-Only: This community you're on right now will be set to Read Only right before the actual migration takes place. We plan to leave this version of the community available for a time on a different URL to handle missing content and migration issues.

We will address these issues on a case-by-case basis. 

Next Steps

We are putting the finishing touches on the site design, which will be a bit different from what we have today.

A select handful of you will be invited by email to have a sneak peek so we can get your feedback.

We are planning to launch the new site during February, with the exact timelines to be finalized in the coming days.

We do plan to post on CheckMates and send out a newsletter shortly before the migration happens with more details about what will happen when and what to expect.


Hi guys,

It would be nice if you could carry out the migration after the CPX in Vienna. I have many appointments at CPX with customers to discuss some performance tuning issues. There I use the articles from the forum. Would be good if the old forum could still be reached here.




Even when the migration takes place, I expect this version of the site will be available in some form for a period of time in read-only mode. 

Once the details have been worked out, we'll publish them.