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Announcing CheckMates Pro!

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At CPX360 Las Vegas, we made a big CheckMates-related announcement: CheckMates Pro!

The purpose of the CheckMates Pro program is to reward our most active community members.

This is tracked through the use of points that are awarded for taking actions consistent with being an active community member.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Originating content on CheckMates that people participate in (either like, comment, vote on, mark as helpful, etc)
    • You are given points for both originating the content and activity that occurs on it.
  • Tag content
  • Mark replies as helpful or correct
  • Follow a space or person
  • Share content
  • Being given badges/awards by other users

If you accumulate at least 250 points in a calendar year (tracked from the date you joined CheckMates), you can claim the following benefits:

  • A one year evaluation license where you can learn about the power of Check Point Infinity first-hand in your lab
    • This is an extended version of the "All-in-one" Eval you can request through UserCenter today, enabling the ability to use most Security Gateway and Management products.
  • A quarterly meeting with Check Point R&D on a topic area of your choosing

Terms and Conditions:

  • Must have earned at least 250 points per calendar year of membership on CheckMates.
  • Must reapply for benefit each year.
  • We reserve the right to modify the terms/conditions at any time.

If you qualify and wish to redeem this benefit, please email us at Please include the User Center account # you wish to apply the benefit to. Requests can be submitted until April 1st