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TalkingCloud is where we talk about cloud, all things cloud, anything cloud… all with an emphasis on cloud security. We all know, cloud is an enormous word today and it’s expanding at a rapid rate. With the changing global work conditions and our future remaining in flux, the one thing we know for sure is cloud computing is here to stay. And today, cloud computing touches (literally) every aspect of our computing lives and has become the nucleus of every organizations digital transformation. Join us for this agnostic podcast where we feature special expert guests from cloud vendors, enterprises and channel partners.

Latest Entries
35-Talking Cloud with special guest, Terry Hect, Director, Security Center of Excellence at AT&T
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34-Talking Cloud with special guest, Nick Lippis, Co-Founder and Co-Chair, ONUG
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33-Talking Cloud with special guest, Robin Smith CISO, Head of Cyber and Info Sec at Aston Martin
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32-Talking Cloud with special guest, Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Cloudflare, Inc.
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31-Talking Cloud with special guest, Sean McDermott, President & CEO, Founder RedMonocle
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Talking Cloud
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