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SmartMove Updates December 2020

Moving to Check Point is a very "SmartMove". Check Point understands that migrating a security database is a security-level critical mission for your organization. The Check Point SmartMove Tool converts a 3rd party database with a firewall security policy and NAT to a Check Point database.

The SmartMove Tool is automated for a smooth transition to Check Point with minimal disruptions.

Latest version can be downloaded from sk115416.

Recent updates to this tool in December 2020 include:

1. Panorama support:

2. Fixes for PAN-OS & Panorama

  • Changes regarding DNS_UDP/DNS_TCP
  • Add support for FQDN to be inside network groups.
  • NAT rules were not properly created for some specific conditions
  • Fixed object names (sometimes object names contains postfix "_" when it doesn't need)
  • Added logic to remove duplicate "drop all" rules and disable "allow all" rules
  • Changes to allow Check Point applications with one dash like "Desknet's"
  • Split application and service groups (don't add service to application groups)
  • Remove the mapping for application ghostsurt

3. Adding Cisco Global rules support as shared sub-policy (supported only with Option 1 - Bash Scripts)

4. Enhancement of Cisco NAT rules - validation of NAT duplication scenario

In addition, there is now a forum specifically for your SmartMove-related questions!

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

We added Juniper Time-Object support on 30-Dec-2020

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