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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

SmartMove Sep 2022 update

Dear All,

We are happy to share a new version:

  • Click here to download the Check Point SmartMove Tool.


What's Changed

  • Updated deprecated NuGet: System.Windows.Interactivity.WPF to Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf
  • Updated smart connector to use SDK: follow
  • Fixed Cisco network objects with class 32, converted to Check Point host
  • Cisco allows to use (.)
  • PAN-OS: fix the bug with infinite recursion
  • Cisco fix: add an error message for topology errors
  • Cisco Optimized NAT - Multithreading
  • Update Check Point Logos

NOTE: SmartConnector runs according to

*User MUST add the library *

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