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SmartMove Policy Creation and future requests SmartMove_5_1_7078_13288

At the time of this writing the current version is SmartMove is SmartMove_5_1_7078_13288.

When I use this tool to covert a Cisco ASA policy the tools creates the layers but does not associate the layers with the policy. I have to manually copy the rules from the layers and paste them into the correct policy.

I would also like to see the the following options added if possible to the tool for better functionality:

1.) add an option to create the policy in in-line mode or ordered.

2.) add an option to use set-if-exists in the scripts

3.) add an option to use a specific user to run the scripts. It is better to review the created policy without auto publishing. Sometimes what the tool creates and what is needed are not the same.

4.) add an option to help avoid creating duplicate objects

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5.) Add an option to create a Linux script or for SmartConsole COMMAND LINE.

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