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Migrating from SonicWall to Check Point

I realise there are several threads on this already, but they all seem to go nowhere so please forgive me for raising another one.

Does anyone have any recent experience with migrating a SonicWall policy to Check Point? if so, what tools did you use on the SonicWall side to retrieve the relevant data? Once I have that it should be reasonably simple to script the creation of objects, services etc. via the API.

The devices in question are SonicWall NSa 4600's if that's of any relevance,

Thank you.

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I would assume SonicWall has some sort of configuration export that can be used for this?
Maybe start with something like:
And see if any of the information is human (or script) readable.

Or perhaps they have APIs that can be used to obtain the relevant information?


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