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SandBlast Now

Imagine a future in which security is managed with fewer people, with less capital investment and a smaller footprint on the network.

Imagine if you could ship an appliance to a remote branch office, and a non-tech person would plug it in. No need to install stuff. No configuration. None. Like a refrigerator. Plug it in, and it starts providing advanced network threat prevention. Stopping cyber-attacks. Preventing threats.

That's SandBlast Now!

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SandBlast Now News - December 2019

Latest Image Our latest image – Check_Point_Now_80.30.111.3. When reimaging an appliance, please always install the latest release.  CloudGuard IaaS Now CGI Now for AWS and GCP are now available, leveraging the clouds’ virtual mirroring feature for instant observability in the cloud. We will be demonstrating this capability at CPX in New Orleans and Vienna. Note: GCP's virtual mirroring is still in beta release. Portal News                                                      New: Analytics Improved performance New features in Threat Topology More granular color differentiation between detection types Top Recurrent Connections – a scatter diagram that highlights connections that are associated with bot behavior Improved details pane