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what are the SSLVPN settings checkpoint uses by default

 are using the checkpoint 1400 series

we have users connecting from home using remote office vpn client

what are the encryption and authentication settings used by default?


IPSEC phase 1 / Phase 2 etc ... IKE version . etc ...hashing algorithm , .etc ..

where do i see this information?

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Is the 1490 locally managed or managed via SmartCenter?
If managed via SmartCenter, it depends on what you've configured there.

For locally managed, it will show you in the logs what is negotiated when the user connects.
By default, the strongest ones that can be negotiated will be used.
Unfortunately, there aren't any options to require specific IPsec settings.
A few options can be enabled/disabled in the Advanced Settings:

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 5.15.09 PM.png

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