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WiFi MAC Filtering with wildcards?

Help, I'm using a Quantum Spark 1530 appliance Version: R81.10.08 (996001608)

In the Configuration Tab, under Advanced there is the option to "Enable MAC address filtering"

I'm trying to find a way of limiting this specific WiFi network to only a single brand of device, they all have the same MAC Identifier 6 digits, so essentially after a mac filter with wild-cards but can't figure it out.

If it can't be done here, can anyone suggest a way that it can be done?

I have 3 wifi networks currently, and I want only the "TOTI" network/ssid to have the mac filtering.  It is a separate subnet to the other WiFi devices (it's 192.168.252.x - range .2 to .20) and access to other networks is not allowed. 

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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Did you read through the relevant documentation pages?

If yes, what is the issue? wildcards for MACs? I do not think it is possible and/or supported.

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