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VLAN over Bond SMB 1530

Hi guys,

I have a 1530W device. I have attached a topology of my setup for convenience. The goal is to create a bond of the first three gigabit interfaces, tag several VLANs on top of it and transport the VLANs across the switches with trunks. I understand that from R80.20.40 these devices support bonding(teaming) of interfaces.

I will try to explain the situation and events chronologically as they occurred and to provide as many details as possible to help with the resolution of this.

At first I created a separate switch in its own subnet from interface 4 so that I can use it to connect to the device while I configure the bond on int 1,2 and 3. I created the bond, put the subinterfaces (VLANs) in a separate subnet, enabled DHCP on each VLAN and connected my PC to an access port of the edge switch in one of the VLANs for a test. I get an IP from the DHCP server correctly (I won't get into the configuration of the switches. Its straightforward and since I get an IP address from DHCP in the VLAN there is no need) Now I don't have access to the Internet. I don't have access to the admin interface of the device in the VLAN as well. I can only ping it. I haven't touched the DNS settings, by default they are configured to forward DNS requests to the DNS servers configured initially on the WAN. So that's a non-issue. NAT is also configured to work by default. When I look at the logs I see that the traffic from the PC is trying to exit the LAN4 interface(where I have my laptop connected) or something like that and it gives an error, I didn't make a screenshot. Then I notice that all interfaces of the device have the same MAC addresses and I wonder if ARP is freaking out and responding with different IP addresses with the same MACs and egress traffic is stuck. I switch to my laptop, disconnect it from LAN4 and connect it to the same port on the edge switch for test. I disable the LAN4 interface and suddenly I have access to the Internet and to the admin interface of the device. A sigh of relief. Then I switch back to my PC, disconnect the laptop and connect it to the same access port. No Internet again and no access to the admin interface. What might be the difference? Then I decide to configure a static IP for the PC in the VLAN and change the DNS to one of the DNS servers of the ISP. Now I have access to the Internet but do not have access to the admin interface of the device in this VLAN. I have access to the admin interface but in one of the other VLANs that I have configured initially. I don't understand what is going on.

This is the whole story. I am sorry for the long post but I am stuck and I don't know how to proceed. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,






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I would contact CP TAC to get this resolved asap !

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Second that, please raise a TAC request

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