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Static Routes CheckPoint 1450 clish permanent


I'd like to know if anybody knows how to set a static default route over clish or bash on a 1450 Checkpoint R77.20.86 (990172855) permanently.  Try to follow suggestions and examples for 1470 and 1490, but didn't work.

Then I added it with:

ip route add default via <aDefaultGW> metric 50. (I need a metric less than 100).

But after reboot it goes away.


Is there any rc file where I can add this?






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If you're using ip route, you're not using clish, you're using expert commands.
Anything entered via expert is not going to be saved across a reboot.
Since you're modifying the default route, you may not be able to do it via clish.
Modifying routing with expert commands is not generally supported, either.

You might be able to put the relevant commands in /pfrm2.0/etc/userInit.
However, be aware that this file will probably be overwritten on a firmware upgrade.

If you could explain why you're trying to do this, perhaps we can find a better, supported solution for what you're trying to achieve.
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