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Social login for SMB Appliances

I asked about this feature on the "Ask me anything" webinar and I'd like to contribute with some more details.

It would be great to have a social login feature on SMB appliances. While large companies might have their own guest network infrastructure, small businesses do not. At the same time, they have a large number of customers and partners visiting the office that might need to use the internet.

The idea is that customers using the WiFi could be identified without needing a local user. Many countries have laws which demand that all users be identified or else the connection owner may be prosecuted for the customer's actions online.

Brazil has one of these laws and being able to give our customers a feature to enforce it would be a huge advantage over the competition.

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Yes, please! A lot of customers asked me about this functionality. This would definitely help my sales to the SMB market.

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So the SMB should store peoples Social login together with personal data to make prosecution easier if they write something unwanted on the internet ? You get shot if you use Tor ?

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