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SMB layer 2 setup

Hi all,

Currently we are designing protection for a factory. They have a fiber ring and want to protect their process automation. We implemented some 1200R firewalls in bridge mode with strict policy and it works fine.

The problem is in the current setup people can easily remove the firewall and  the protection is gone. It did happen when the System Integrator had some problems, removed the firewall, solved the problem and did not restore the connection.

There is a possibility to use a RADIUS server, but I'm lost in how to set this up on the 1200R.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

And NO we can not use Layer3 on the 1200R, the PLC's only support Layer2 communication.

Thanks in advance!


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One of possibilities would be to put an alert when FW stops filtering traffic or sending logs. That would cover the case of removed device. 

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