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SMB devices SK´s

It is very hard to keep up with documentation and SKs while all is constantly changing. I am collecting material and will present it here completely. Also see this list SMB documents for more. Please be aware that Check Point may remove, change or replace SKs at any time, so it may well be that many of the documents listed here are not accessible anymore. Also, the new branding as Quantum Spark is only reflected in new additions as it would be too much work to check al changed SK titles.

skI1915     Configuring Dynamic Objects
sk13740    RADIUS authentication fails when using passwords longer than 16 characters
sk20576    How to set ClusterXL Control Protocol (CCP) in Broadcast / Multicast mode in ClusterXL
sk22345    EtherChannel technology / 802.3ad Link Aggregation support
sk24102    Adjusting system-idle time on Gaia, Gaia Embedded and SecurePlatform
sk25129    Supported platforms for ISP Redundancy
sk26059    Removing LDAP queries from the Implied Rules
sk26202    Changing the kernel global parameters for Check Point Security Gateway
sk31404   How to Debug SecureXL
sk31631    What is the maximum number of interfaces supported by Check Point software?
sk31692    RADIUS/SecurID

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