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SMB certificate for Remote Access

Hello SMB Admins,

First to mention this is centrally managed 1470 unit.

Long time ago, when I was configuring remote access I noticed that when you connect to SMB from Internet, the SNX web page is using the certificate I imported for UserCheck. In "VPN Clients" certificate is defaultCert.

The problem is that now I want to disable UserCheck (and all APPCL/URLF blade  for that matter) and I am afraid this may brake remote access. I could probably try to disable it to see what happens but I am afraid it may revert to defaultCert that will of course be rejected from remote access clients. I cannot import that certificate in "IPSec VPN" page because it is a third-party one and CSR was not generated from SmartConsole.

Overall, I am not sure how to handle this and I do not have the luxury to brake the remote access for a long time. 

Any suggestions are welcome. 

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The cert for Remote Access is pushed from central management.
It should not be impacted by this.