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R80.20.35 for Quantum Spark Appliances

Finally GA sk174683: R80.20.35 for Quantum Spark Appliances for 1500/1600/1800 appliances was released yesterday - but which new features do  we get ?


  • ND (Neighbor Discovery) Proxy for delegating ISP SLAC prefix to Internal network.

  • IPv6 internet probing - Automatically detect loss of connectivity to default gateway when working in IPv6 mode.

Access Policy

  • VoIP wizard enhancements which simplify configuration of the most common VoIP topologies.

    • Option to use objects instead of fixed IP.

    • SIP Bypass.

  • Bypass the SSL Inspection for specific devices based on their MAC Addresses.

  • Use Updatable objects in Firewall Access Policy on Locally Managed appliances.

Quantum Spark Portal (SMP)

  • Support for SSL Exceptions and Threat Prevention Exceptions.

Access Control

  • Enable 802.1x based authentication on LAN ports when working with RADIUS Servers.

  • MAC Address based filtering "Allow" list - for 1500/1600/1800 appliances.

  • MAC Address based filtering "Deny" list - Ability to add a deny list mode to MAC address filtering that can block access to any MAC address that exists in the MAC address filtering table - for 1500/1600/1800 appliances.


  • Send encrypted security logs to user-defined external syslog server over TLS for locally managed appliances.

  • Fast Cluster failover with OSPF

  • Appliance can act as an NTP Server

  • System logs search

  • Upgrade your Locally Managed 700/1400 device to the new 1600/1800 Appliance Series which includes all configurations, Threat Prevention, and Access policies.


  • DHCP Server

    • Increase the range of IP addresses allocated by the appliance DHCP server from 1024 to 4080.

  • Identity Awareness

    • Exceptions for Browser-Based Authentication.

  • LTE

    • PDP Context Activation Failures Retries Interval.

    • Server Down Actions Retries Interval.

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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Beware of the Limitations:

These features are currently not available in the R80.20.35 release:

  • ARP spoofing

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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Are there any plans on adding GEO blocking to SMP?

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